The Company is a subsidiary of PT Mandiri Mega Jaya which was established on August 6, 1994 under the name PT Armidian Karyatama. The establishment of the Company was intended to develop the Maja area into a new independent city that supported the development of the Jakarta urban area.

In 1998, the Company’s plan to develop the City of Maja Kinship area was delayed due to the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia. Even so, the Company remains committed to developing the Maja region and gradually releases. Until now, the accumulation of land acquired by the Company for the development area in the Maja area has reached 490 hectares. In 2013, the Company, together with its holding company, PT Mandiri Mega Jaya, signed a joint venture agreement with the Ciputra group to begin the development of an independent city project called Citra Maja Raya.

In relatively short of time, around two years since 2014, Citra Maja Raya sales achievement with total of almost 8,000 unit houses and shophouses. Up to present.
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